Witness the Spectacular Varekai in Toronto

Step into a world much different from your own during Cirque Du Soleil's unforgettable Varekai production. Picking up where the Greek myth of Icarus leaves off, Varekai reimagines what happened to Icarus after he flew too close to the sun. Rather than drowning in the sea below him, this whimsical production shows Icarus landing in a captivating forest filled with enchanting and exotic creatures. Then, as Icarus awakens, he imparts on a quest both peculiar and extraordinary through the kaleidoscopic world now surrounding him.

The show, which premiered in April 2002, features one new act and a fresh cast of 50 performers. However, the essentials remain the same, debuting the mythical world in which director Dominic Champagne envisioned to welcome the fallen Icarus. Viewers will relish the sublime and ethereal feel of this dazzling production. It includes all the traditional aerobatics of a Cirque Du Soleil creation as well as the general oddity found between the costumes, acts, and music.

But, perhaps the most explosive act of them all includes the riveting grand finale, as spectators watch the Russian Swing catapult bodies into the air. Audience members will enjoy the production's tribute to the nomadic soul as well as the spirit and art found in the circus tradition. Showing in Ontario throughout the month of January and first week of February, Varekai will dazzle you with its extraordinary acts and characters. Its namesake Varekai means "wherever" in the Romany language of the gypsies, and this dazzling Cirque Du Soleil performance will stun you "wherever" you may go to see it.


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